Day 2 | Advent

Advent: Day 2 December 2, 2023 | You’ve Been Bought With A Price In the Bible, we can read a letter that Paul wrote while he was in Corinth to his friends living in Rome. We know it as the book of Romans and in the closing paragraphs of his letter Paul sends greetings from… Continue reading Day 2 | Advent

Day 6 | Advent

Advent: Day 6 December 6, 2023 | Healing in His Wings It’s easy to forget that when Jesus walked the earth, he was a devout Jew and follower of the mosaic laws. This meant that at any given time he would be wearing a prayer shawl called a Tallis. It would have had the names… Continue reading Day 6 | Advent

Day 3 | Advent

Advent: Day 3 December 3, 2023 | The Significance of Bethlehem In Hebrew, Beth-lehem means ‘House of Bread’. The Hebrew language is read from right to left, the dots are the vowels and the big letters are the consonants. Bethlehem is written like this: bread       house The meaning of the name Bethlehem is… Continue reading Day 3 | Advent

Day 5 | Advent

Advent: Day 5 December 5, 2023 | In Him We Live and Move and Have Our Being In Athens, there is a large plateau that overlooks the city called Mars Hill. According to a myth, it was on that hill, that the Greek God of war, also known as Mars to the Romans, was put… Continue reading Day 5 | Advent